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About Us

We are two generations of Jandas, working together in the tradition of the Jandas who came before.

Thank you for looking us up on the Web. Many of the pages in this website have photos of our products, ongoing work and completed jobs. Please take some time to visit this site and get to know us.

We strive to incorporate quality, sensitivity, integrity and honesty in all our business and personal dealings.

QUALITY in materials, components and work-methods is always what we strive for first, so that you know you are getting a true value for your money.

SENSITIVITY in planning and carrying out your wishes. We try to get to know you and understand your purchase objectives. We will work with you in implementing the style and design elements you desire. With over 30 active years in the woodworking and construction industry, we know what works and what won't, and we will advise you up front, while you're still in the shopping/planning phase.

INTEGRITY is the foundation of our relationship with you. We are committed to do the best we can for you. Feel free to call the people on our list of references. We want you to hear from these people.

HONESTY. We won't deliver less than you bargained for. It is our goal to see you totally pleased, knowing you got what you asked for if not more. We won't consider our job complete until both parties, buyer/client and producer/contractor, are happy with the final product. After all, we want to add you to our list as one more satisfied customer.

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We never offer our customers and clients anything average or mediocre. We bring enthusiasm, skill, creativity as well as quality, sensitivity, integrity and honesty to every product we create and every project or service we do for you. You can't go wrong with Jandaworks...

How to Reach Us

Contact us to learn more about our products, discuss your needs, arrange for a estimate, set up an appointment to visit one of our portfolio projects in person, or check our references with some of our previous clients.

Office Telephone
Voice and FAX: 360-873-2421
Shop Phone
Voice: 360-873-2421
Mobile Phone
Office Address
Post Office Box 129, Marblemount, WA 98267-9713, USA
Shop Address (all deliveries)
6472 Emerald Lane, Marblemount, WA 98267-9713, USA
Electronic Mail
General Information: info@jandaworks.com

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